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 Server Files[RELEASED]

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PostSubject: Server Files[RELEASED]   Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:40 pm

It's been some time since the server was last hosted. There are better servers out there now that Revolution-Scape can't compete with now. Feeling nostalgic and looking back on this, I decide to release Revolution-Scape to any old players out there that wants to play with it by themselves or host it and play with some friends. Maybe learn a couple of things that I wrote in there. Although old and outdated this server contains a plethora of fun features to mess around with!

Dragon Claws Special Attack - Kinda buggy and OP but works
A Magic System
Ava Bounty Mini game
2 Quests
A bunch of hidden easter eggs for you guys to find.(1 hint: Admins with gold rings gets a healing factor everytime they do damage)
Defence system works so defence is now useful
I don't remember the rest, as this server was 2 years ago

pretty buggy
Vengeance is useless, pressing the button will only make you do a emote.

Welcome Screen

Starting the first quest

1st Quest Reward

The Classic ::Master Command

Opening the server

Starting the second quest

Silliness from 2 years ago

Starting Zamorak's Wrath quest

2nd quest info

A hint on getting to the 2nd floor of Ava Bounty aka Hell

The ladder to Hell


After killing Delrith

Collecting the diamonds

Collecting red goop from Black Demon AFTER killing Delrith

The Reward

Using the key to get your reward be careful of lurking pkers waiting to ambush

Completing the quest - your reward is random, you can redo this quest as many time as you want
to try and obtain all the rewards (Dragon claws is one of them)

Summoning Skill!

Anger Weapons has an active effect when attacking

Ava Bounty - kill and collect Ava points to spend on better weapons and gears

Ava Bounty Shop - Spend your ava points here (Available only after Zaro's History)

Ava Bounty Shop Vendor

Finally the moment you people have been waiting for: The Download Link

[Instructions on setting up the server]
Download the Server
Right click on Revolution-Scape.rar and click "Extract here"
Open up the folder and find a .bat file called "Copy of runserver.bat" and open that
The server will then be opened
Go to the folder called !Client!
For Window 7 Users click on RUN.exe otherwise you can click on the RUN.bat
this will start up the client to connect to the server
Login with any user and pass and enjoy the nostalgia Very Happy
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Posts : 1738
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PostSubject: Re: Server Files[RELEASED]   Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:18 pm

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Server Files[RELEASED]
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