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 Revolution-Scape Files

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PostSubject: Revolution-Scape Files   Tue May 03, 2011 9:36 pm

I have notice that i cannot host most of the times, so I will release the server files as open/closed source.

This server can only be edit the following in closed source
Npc Spawn place
Npc drops
Player Informations
Item stats
basic editting no java skills required

However the Open source can do all of the closed source files and more
Make new quests
make the server laggier if codes are not placed correctly
can make commands
can make a new point system
and more however it requires a bit of java knowledge to edit

it should only be a few things to learn however.....

And i will still host it, just releasing if you guys get bored and wish to play single player unless you set up a server then you can do whatever you want. if you guys need help with coding and stuff i can help out a little bit. I will release soon when the new quest with the minor combat bugs fixed
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Revolution-Scape Files
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