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 Need Permission to Start a New Project

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PostSubject: Need Permission to Start a New Project   Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:32 pm

Hello everyone ^.^ This is Jake/Regicide, your helpful and really kind someone......... uhhh yeh don't know my position in here yet xD so umm look......... I had quit RSPS for a long time and was looking forward to my studies. I was taking extremely professional JAVA and C++ classes in boolean and OOPs sources all of this time. I currently have 3 degrees in High-Level Computer Language Programming Very Happy

This is an external course. So I wanted to say, if you guys do not have a client or something currently, then I could start working on my project that I have currently named as "Revolution Of Techrunning Transformation v3.0 Nukeclient" or ROTT3N for short. I just need permission from the main owner whom I am still unaware of. So, it can be either Teabag or Reaper. I do not ask anything in return and just want to help the server out, and believe me.... I'm coming up with a blast so this thing is going to be epic Wink

My plans are as follows that I expect to be in ROTT3N:-
1) The option to choose your own graphic options according to your computer specs and to choose each level of detail in the new "custom" method.
2) Anti-Botter:- This is a very special function that I've created 100% on my own perspective and knowledge. What it does? Simple, it stops people from botting. This is a program that will be auto-installed with the client and will be totally NON-REMOVABLE. A non-crackable password will be created for this program that will be distributed to the main owners and then be changed.
3) PK-Buddy:- This program can be turned off and on in the client whenever you wish and it will help to count your kills, stakes, food requirements, etc.
4) Quest-Buddy (Prediction):- This program is not guaranteed to come with the client as it requires the source side. The concept of this program is only understandable by me so do not bother asking me for this program's skeleton to code it yourself lol!
5) What everyone wants.............. = CUSTOMS FTW!!!
I am adding LOTS and LOTS of customs in this client. This will be including my original customs and how many others I can find around the internet santa I am including stuffs from Fallout: New Vegas and The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
6) Request from me Very Happy :- As I am a big fan of harry potter, I want to create a duelling arena for Wizards with wands only. With special spells like Crucio, Expelliarms, Confringo, Stupefy, Protego, and LOTS more. I need source side help from this and I will be working in this project in a way so that Teabag can understand this one lol! This is a pure request from my heart to add this feature in the server, I will give you step by step instruction if you would accept this one Smile
7) The main part that's NEVER been introduced anywhere before! This concept is totally mine and needs help from both client side and source side! FAMILIARS! This means, while killing some creature or cutting a tree, an egg might fall out and land in your inventory, if you take care of that egg then you might be able to find a really good and big summoning creature like Dragon and Phoenix. The only difference is........... YOU CAN ACTUALLY RIDE ON THEM Very Happy
Cool Super sexy clothes for mods, admins and co-owners, all separately Smile (No sh1t, girls have different stuffs on xD)
9) Introducing Super hawt client layout with the ability to choose your own theme. The client is re-sizeable and includes rare themes like Alienware, Black Ops, Megan Fox (>.>), etc lol!
10) Almost every feature that you will be able to get in the Highest level type of client of RSPS. afro

What do I need?
Permission from Teabag or Reaper.
In some features, need help from Teabag in source side coding (Hope you can understand this new level of JAVA lol)
So.......... seriously............ You guys not only want ROTT3N............... You iz N33dz it Wink
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Need Permission to Start a New Project
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