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 Playing With Fire[New Quest]

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PostSubject: Playing With Fire[New Quest]   Wed May 04, 2011 9:22 pm

I had mention in my old posts that this quest require skills, however i cannot guarantee that most of the skills that i mention will be used.

Playing With Fire
is a quest where Zamorak's Wraith must be completed in order to start.
This is a quest where a player obtains a huge shitload of exp to boost them up after this quest is done
after it is done, it cannot be repeated, although this quest is not longer or equal to zamorak's wraith it is longer than Zaro's History quest.
So far i got about 20% done, i need to place Fareed in some place.
Please note that San tojalon can only be harmed with Fareed's sword.
Fareed's sword has a special attack which can be real deadly, it'll boost up the player's strength/attack/defence to a very high level for a moment. it can also have a chance to have an instant 1 kill if an certain item is weild

feel free to offer suggestions, and Fareed after being killed will no longer be able to drop parts of his armory or weapons so stack up when fighting him(he can be killed many times during the quest to receive items, however after the quest is completed, he will no longer drop items except ashes)
please note that Fareed isn't any npc you would encounter and easily kill before, and so is San Tojalon.
They both have tactics and are both immune to avatar whip and black whip
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Playing With Fire[New Quest]
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